girl in red and aqua swimsuit and indoor swimming pool indoor aqua swimming pool red tiny TOMS and coke machines indoor water slide girl by swimming pool girl at swimming pool diving board indoor swimming pool dayton ohio

It’s one of those moments in life you remember. The diving board. The fear and anticipation of reaching the end of the board and taking that giant leap. In a small way, preparing us for the moments in life when we must make leaps of another kind.

This summer, Georgie cautiously made her way to the edge of the board, hesitated, and leaped. As she swam to the edge, she gave us a thumbs up. Brimming with joy and confidence, our little girl was growing before our eyes. Wanting to do what her big sister did, Vivi asked to go. She ran along the wobbly board and jumped without fear. And then did so three more times. She approached that diving board like she does each day; full of determination and gusto.

I am reminded lately of the fragility and shortness of life. Our time with the ones we love is a gift. I cherish these moments in a little indoor swimming pool in Ohio. And I’m so thankful.